Final Works:

Please take a look below at the final outcomes of Project Five - Pod-Co-Lab: Podcasting Across Disciplines.

Co/Lab Pod-cast: Advert for Friskee

Co/Lab Pod-cast: Interview with Lord Alistair MacDougall

Original Project Description

Pod-Co-Lab: Podcasting Across Disciplines will explore podcasting as a tool in creating and disseminating academic work. Through a series of studio/location-based podcasting ‘live labs’ the pilot will explore how podcasting and audio might be used by researchers to communicate, discuss, convey and ultimately extend their research.

Senior lecturer in Radio and Podcasting researcher, Richard Berry, Assoc Prof of Radio and Participation, Dr. Caroline Mitchell and radio and Podcast producer Jay Sykes and will devise and test novel ways to produce a podcast that supports wider dissemination of the YDAP (Youth Drugs and Alcohol Project) research project currently being delivered by Senior lecturer in Health Sciences John Mooney. The project will explore different podcast /radio formats to examine how traditional public service health message can be reconfigured via podcasting. The pilot will focus upon issues and themes highlighted by Mooney’s live research project YDAP and utilize his unique approach of using standup comedy as a technique to tackle stigma and help change perception through the use of humour.

By testing novel strategies to engage podcasting as a tool in creating and disseminating academic work, Pod-Co-Lab highlights the various ways that university podcasters and independent audio/radio producers can work together with university-based audio.

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