Co/Lab Sunderland commission tackles the theme of Cybercrime at #Cyberfest 2020

Creative Fuse North East and CoLab Sunderland are delighted to be working with Dynamo North East and Breeze Creatives to support a creative collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries and the Faculty of Technology at University of Sunderland and #Cyberfest 2020.

The threat of cybercrime is changing all the time. As law enforcement catches up, new loopholes and vulnerabilities within our cyber security systems are found. Today nearly 50% of crime happens online but much of it goes unreported. Cybercrimes can have a significant and detrimental effect on individuals and on businesses, through loss of data, the inability to operate and financial or reputational loss.

Three University of Sunderland academics working across Arts, Design and Technology have come together to combine their skills and expertise and consider the impact of escalating risks associated with cyber security on individuals, the economy and wider society. This interdisciplinary project explores how collaborations between art and technology can play a vital role in expanding public understanding of how this increasingly complex threat can impact our lives.

Cyber Cage (2020) - Work in Progress
by James Hutchinson, Nick Lewis and Sardar Jaf

Cyber Cage is an abstract sculpture exploring ideas of containment, cloaking and invisibility. Using physical or digital sculptures that 'visually encrypt' information which is then 'unlocked' by the viewer, the work explores the nature of encryption. Cyber Cage incorporates Covid-19 data and the ways in which information is coded and decoded within systems. The work can be realised as a solid or digital form and incorporates Covid-19 data as audio and sonic pi.

#CyberFest - Bringing Creativity to Cyber Security

Join us on 29 Sept 2020 at the season finale of #CyberFest 20 and world premiere of Cyber Cage! During the event we will explore cyber security as a creative force with friends and colleagues from the technical side of the cyber security industry. There are many sides to cyber security. Come celebrate them with us!

Cyber Cage (2020) - Private View @ Breeze Creatives

James Hutchinson, Sardar Jaf, Nick Lewis
Preview: Friday, 02 October 2020, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Opening Times: Tue - Sat, 11:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Abject Gallery, 8th Floor, Bamburgh House

Cyber Cage is a series of artworks and interventions that explore ideas of containment, cloaking and invisibility. Physical and digital sculptures, projections and 3D animations 'visually encrypt' COVID-19 data which is then 'unlocked' by the viewer as they consider the ways in which information is coded and decoded within systems.

Co/Labber's Biogs

James Hutchinson
Nick Lewis
Dr. Sardar Jaf
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