Dr. Kathryn King

Principal Lecturer in Pedagogy.

Dr Kathryn King was a Principal Lecturer in Pedagogy at the Department of Pharmacy, Health and Well-being, University of Sunderland. UK. Her PhD study demonstrates qualitative expertise and utilised a Grounded Theory approach to explore her interest in adolescents with Type I diabetes and an interest into understanding patient’s experiences generally with an overall aim to improve patient healthcare outcomes for this group.

This interest has developed into wider themes and perspectives and is utilised in her teaching across all healthcare programmes to enable healthcare practitioners become much more patient / service user centred. Her research and teaching makes a contribution to health in terms of transferability of the theoretical qualitative methodological underpinning and findings from the study to other long-term conditions; for example, adolescents with Type I diabetes share common experiences to other individuals with long-term conditions.

Kathryn has now left the University.

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