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Insulin at Teatime

Insulin at Teatime is a vocal setting of the verbatim testimony of adolescents living with type 1 diabetes. This new musical composition responds to Dr. Kathryn King's co-authored paper “Perceptions of Adolescent Patients of the ‘Lived Experience’ of Type 1 Diabetes” (2017), and uses the transcribed words of young respondents cited in the study. Read more

Exploring The Use Of Digital Communities

This project will explore the characteristics of the digital communities that already exist in a medical and public health context that aim to change attitudes and behaviours for the benefit of individuals and community, and will simultaneously aim to learn from offline techniques from communities that share the same purpose. Read more


Can the process of creatively expressing an experience of place help us become more aware of ‘being in the world’ and, as a result, have a positive influence on our subjective wellbeing and sense of self? Read more

A Cook Book - The Journey Beyond Bariatric Surgery

How can photography be used to give voice to those who have undergone bariatric surgery and unpick some of the social challenges and assumptions that are made around obesity, the method of weight-loss and the journey to improved health and wellbeing? Read more

Pod-Co-Lab: Podcasting Across Disciplines

Pod-Co-Lab: Podcasting Across Disciplines will explore podcasting as a tool in creating and disseminating academic work. Through a series of studio/location-based podcasting ‘live labs’ the pilot will explore how podcasting and audio might be used by researchers to communicate, discuss, convey and ultimately extend their research. Read more

Co/Lab Sunderland commission tackles the theme of Cybercrime at #Cyberfest 2020

The threat of cybercrime is changing all the time. As law enforcement catches up, new loopholes and vulnerabilities within our cyber security systems are found. Today nearly 50% of crime happens online but much of it goes unreported. Cybercrimes can have a significant and detrimental effect on individuals and on businesses, through loss of data, the inability to operate and financial or reputational loss. Read more